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Perkins Bridwell enlisted August 11, 1862 at Augusta. Capt. Russell signed him up and he was assigned to Company A of the 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry. When the 21st became part of the consolidation to create the 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry, Co. A of the 21st became Company A of the 7th.

Pvt. Bridwell was wounded June 20, 1864 at Whitehouse. It was an accident with his own gun. He was admitted to Wayside Hospital on the 21st, "V.S. right foot". Could be Veterinary Surgeon...? He was given a furlough for 30 days on July 19, 1864. On August 11th he was listed as absent without leave even though his furlough had not expired. On October 22 he received an issue of clothing.

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