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Willard C. Haddock (Haydock) enlisted May 8, 1862 at Charleston with Capt. Russell. He was with the 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry, Co. A until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. A, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

Pvt. Haddock was captured near Louisa Courthouse, Va. June 11, 1864 in the Battle of Trevillian Station. He was sent to Fortress Monroe, Va. on June 20th then on July 25th he was transferred to Elmira Prison, N.Y.

Pvt. Haddock was on a roll of prisoners of war at Elmira who were desirous of taking the Oath of Allegiance to the United States, August 1864. Willard C. Haydock (Haddock) was conscripted June 4, 1863. He was taken prison by General Sheridan's command. He is native of England and has no friends nor interests in the South. Was in Charleston, S.C. at the commencement of the Rebellion and had taken our his First Papers to become a Naturalized citizen of the United States. Does not wish to return South under any circumstances.

When released June 19, 1865, this description was given:
home, San Francisco, Cal.; complexion, florid; hair, light; eyes, blue; height, 5 ft 6 in.

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