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Wiley DeLoach enlisted March 29, 1864 in Co. B, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry at Dorchester with Capt. Miller.

Pvt. DeLoach was absent for a short time in April. Otherwise he was present until on June 11, 1864 he was captured near Trevillian Station. He was sent to Fortress Monroe, Va. June 20th then on July 25th he was transferred to Elmira Prison, N.Y.

Pvt. DeLoach was transferred for exchange February 20, 1865. He was reported at Point Lookout, Md. in U.S. General Hospital. On March 3rd he was diagnosed, phenmatismus. It's not clear but it seems that he was exchanged successfully.

Pvt. DeLoach was admitted to the Jackson Hospital at Richmond and later was employed there. He was captured April 3, '65 at Jackson Hospital and transferred to Point Lookout. On May 6, '65 he was admitted to Point Lookout, Md. Hospital diagnosed as having frost bitten feet.

Pvt. Wiley DeLoach was released from Point Lookout July 7, 1865. His description was recorded as follows: Residence, Bulloch County, Georgia; complexion, florid (ruddy); hair, light; eyes, hazel; height, 6 ft. 0 inches.

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