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W.H. Fleetwood was enlisted May 15, 1862 by Capt. Johnson at Charleston, S.C., serving in Co. D, 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry as Corporal. In February 1864 with the consolidation of units, he was assigned to Co. B, 7th Georgia Cavalry as a private.

On the April - August roll, he was listed as absent, sick in hospital (Gnl. Hospital # 7 in Raleigh, N.C.). Then on August 31st he was ordered to report to Surg. Thomas Micks in charge of Gnl. Hospital # 4 in Wilmington for assignment as Fisherman.

On September 12, 1864 he was diagnosed with "vulnus sclopeticum elbow" and was released on October 19th. with a comment on the release, "vulnus sclop". He also received a clothing issue while at Gnl. Hospital # 4.

Pvt. Fleetwood surrendered on April 3, 1865 in Richmond. He took the oath of allegiance and headed to Savannah. His description when parloed was as follows: age 24, light complection, dark eyes, brown hair, height 5' 9", occupation pilot. Pilot probably referring to guidance of ships into and out of port.

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