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Isaac Wilder entered the 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry December 23, 1862 at Charleston, S.C. with Capt. Miller doing the honors. On February 13, 1864 the 21st and two other units were consolidated to form the 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry. At this time Pvt. Wilder was assigned to Co. B of the 7th.

He was on the January - April rolls as present with 6 days absent without leave. No charges against him. Many did this just prior to leaving for Northern Virginia. His horse died July 11, 1864. He was present until August when he was admitted August 21, 1864 to Jackson Hospital at Richmond. He was diagnosed as rheumatisims and on September he was furloughed for 30 days, taking the No. 4, G.C. R.R. home.

No further records.

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