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John N. Davies enlisted October 14, 1862 with the Randolph Rangers. Davies had recommendations from very influential people indicating his abilities and education indicating that he be commissioned as Captain or 1st Lieutenant. John Davies was commissioned as 1st Lieutenant soon after enlisting.

1st. Lt. John N. Davies was now commanding the Randolph Rangers of 97 men, located at Camp Mercer. In the period of October 12 to November 12, 1862, 1st Lt. Davies requisitioned for medical supplies. This would be quite a list so I will include only a portion of these: Camphorae, Emplastri ashisivi, Emplastri cantharsidis, Hydrargyn chloridi mitis, Potassae nitratis, Tincture opis, Quiniae sulphatis, pocket instruments, whiskey, bottles and cans.

Davies was commissioned Captain January 12, 1863. No details in the records but it probably took place when the 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry was organized. His unit was now Company B of the 24th where it remained until, through consolidation of units, Co. B was transferred to Co. C, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

Now in the 7th, records show where Capt. Davies requisitioned forage for his 82 horses for June 1864. In July he requisitioned 50 corn sacks.

Capt. Davies was in a hospital at Howard's Grove near Richmond from August 22nd to September 13, 1864.

Davies acquired the rank of Major when the 7th became a part of Gary's Brigade. Major Davies was issued a furlough and was to return to a certain date (?). He had extreme problems in returning on time since the Union had blocked most routes. When he did return to his unit, he was brought up on AWOL charge stating absent from December 25, 1864 to February 7th '65. Records show that this extended his furlough by 15 days. The file was signed by Brig. General (name illegible). It was witnessed by 1st Lt. W.L. Exley, Co. E and 2nd Lt. H.A. Strickland, Co. G.

Major Davies was incarcerated and while in confinement wrote a letter of resignation, not explaining why he was late but voicing his disappointment in the lack of trust and respect given him. Said he would join an infantry or artillery. It was his request to make his resignation effective immediately upon release.

Major Davies resigned March 14, '65, S.O. 60. On April 6, 1865 he was captured at Sailors Creek, Va. Was sent to Johnson Island on April 17th. On the 19th he was located at a depot for prisoners of war near Sandusky, Ohio. He was released and paroled July 25, 1865. He was described as: age, 26; complexion, dark; hair, brown; eyes, grey; height, 5 ft. 11 in.; residence, Augusta.

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