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Samuel A. Dixon enlisted November 10, 1963 at Camp Semmes. He was with the 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry, Co. B until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. C, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

Pvt. Dixon received a clothing issue in April of '64 and another in August. He was listed as being present on roll calls through October. On July 16, '64, his horse died. It appears as though he acquired another since the September/October roll showed that he lost his horse in action along with the saddle, bridle, halter and sabre.

On April 17, 1865, Pvt. Dixon was captured at Farmville and was sent to City Point, Va. and then to Point Lookout, Md. He was released June 17, 1865.

His description upon release was as follows: residence, Elbert County, Ga.; complexion, light; hair, light; eyes, light hazel; height, 5 ft. 4 inches.

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