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H.C. Fears of Morgan County, Madison Ga., enlisted October 29, 1863 in the 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry in Co. B. When The 7th Ga Cavalry was organized on February 13, 1864, he was transferred to Company C of the 7th.

Listed as "Captured June 11,1864". (This seems unlikely.)

Pvt. Fears entered Jackson Hospital in Richmond on August 13, 1864 diagnosed with diarrhea. He was released September 1st.

On October 27, 1864, he was admitted to Pettigrew General Hospital #13 diagnosed, "Hemiplegia", (Total or partial paralysis of one side of the body that results from disease of or injury to the motor centers of the brain.). He returned to duty on November 15.

On a January - February pay voucher he is shown receiving $24 for 2 months pay for himself and $24 for 6 months use of his horse.

It is believed that H.C. Fears was paroled at Newton, N.C. about April 19, 1865. He was listed on the 10th Michigan Cavalry list who at that time was at Newton paroling prisoners.

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