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Benjamin Hamilton Goss was born May 19, 1845, son of Reverend Benjamin Goss and Sarah Roebuck Goss.

He enlisted during the summer of 1862 in Elbert County, Ga. with the 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry, Co. B. When units were consolidated to form the 7th on February 13, 1864 he was transferred to Co. C, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

On the May - August roll, B.H. Goss was listed as not having a horse since June 1864, probably lost at Trevillian Station.

Private Goss was captured by the 2nd Division, US Cavalry near Petersburg, Va. on September 29, 1864. He arrived at City Point the next day and was sent to Point Lookout.

In March 1865, he was chosen for exchange and was paroled at Point Lookout and sent to Aiken's Landing, Va. on March 17 for exchange.

Benjamin Hamilton Goss was married first to Maggie Farley on February 28, 1871 and second to (unknown name) on February 26, 1891.

Benjamin Hamilton Goss became a farmer and blacksmith by trade.

Information provided by Walter Byron Goss.

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