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Jeremiah Warren Goss was born January 12, 1845 and was the son of Reverend Horatio James Goss, Jr. and Sarah Frances Warren Goss of Elbert County, Georgia.

Jeremiah enlisted in the 24th Battalion Georgia Cavalry, Company B. December 1, 1862 and on February 13, 1864, through the consolidation of units, was transferred to the 7th Georgia Cavalry, Company C.

On June 11, 1864, Jeremiah was captured at Louisa Courthouse, Virginia and as a prisoner of war and was sent to Point Lookout, Maryland. On July 23, 1864 he was admitted to the USA Small Pox Hospital, Point Lookout, Maryland; remaining until September 20, 1864. On February 11, 1865 Jeremiah was exchanged as a prisoner of war at Fortress Morris, Virginia.

On February 15, 1865 he was admitted to the Jackson Hospital, Richmond, Virginia for the ailment of diarrhea. On March 9 and 10, 1865 he was at General Hospital Number 9, Richmond, Virginia. After Jeremiah's release from General Hospital Number 9 he was given a 60 day furlough.

On May 19, 1865 Jeremiah was captured at Hartwell, Georgia as a prisoner of war and was apparently released on the same day.

Jeremiah, after the war became a Justice of the Peace in Georgia and taught in what was known as Field Schools at that time.

On August 3, 1866, Jeremiah Warren Goss married Cora Alexander who was born Sept. 8, 1846. Jeremiah and Cora attended church at Rock Branch Baptist Church in Elbert County where Jeremiah was clerk from 1873-1888, and became a Deacon in 1884. Cora died May 30, 1926 is buried at Rock Branch Baptist Church. Next to Cora's grave is a granite marker which states:

"Jeremiah Warren Goss / January 12, 1845 - August 5, 1890
/ CIVIL WAR / Co. C, 7th GA Cavalry / Buried Millageville, GA."

Information provided by Walter Byron Goss.

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