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Asa H, Langston, 2nd Lt., joined the 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry in Co. B and stayed until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. C, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

Lt. Langston resigned from the 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry on November 9, 1864. He began the process about October 20th. The following is his tender to the Secretary of War:

I have the honor to tender you my resignation as second Lieutenant of Co. C, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry for reason of physical disability as will appear by the following certificate from the Medical Examining Board. I am not indebted to the Confederate States in any manner whatever and desire my resignation to be immediate and unconditional.

I am Sir,
very respectively
your obedient Lt.
A.H. Langston
2nd Lt. ltr C.C. 7th Rgmt. Ga. Cav.

From Regiment's Assistant Surgeon:
A.H. Langston, 2nd Lt. Co. C 7th Ga Cav, having applied for a certificate upon which to grant an application for resignation.
I do certify that I have carefully examined this officer and fine him unfit to perform the duties of his office, because of organic volvulas disease of the heart. In my opinion the disease was contracted prior to his entering the service and is permanent. I would therefore recommend that his resignation be accepted.
H.A. Williamson, Asst. Surg.

The resignation of Lt. Langston was approved also by Edward C. Anderson, Jr., Com.dg. 7th Regt. Ga. Cav. on 23rd (Oct.) by Hd. Qtr. Cavalry Corps Oct. 29. Several others also approved the resignation.

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