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Andrew B. Albritton was born on November 16, 1840 in the 590th District of Ware County, Georgia. He was the son of Thomas H. Albritton, Sr. and Rhoda Strickland (Parker). On January 24, 1855, he married Nancy Jones and they are listed as living in Ware County in the Census of 1860.

Andrew Albritton enlisted on September 29, 1861 in Captain Enoch D. Hendry's Company, Georgia Cavalry "Atlantic & Gulf Guards." This unit was briefly attached to the 26th Georgia Volunteer Infantry as Company N, prior to being mustered out on March 31, 1862.

Pvt. Albritton was enlisted by J.W. Stevens in Co. B, 24th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry on June 28, 1862 at Blackshear, Ga. Later he moved to Company C. Then in February 1864, through the consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. D, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

On August 4, 1864 Pvt. Albritton was admitted to Confederate States Hospital and returned to duty on the 8th of August.

On August 28, he was admitted in Pettigrew General Hospital, Raleigh, N.C. and diagnosed with chronic diarrhea. He returned to duty on October 25, 1864.

After the war, by December 1866, he and his wife Nancy had relocated to Polk County, Florida and are listed as being taxpayers there from 1866-69. Then they moved to homestead near Sweetwater, Manatee (now Hardee) County.

Andrew B. died September 18, 1889. It is said that Andrew's death was as a result of being thrown from a relatively "green" horse that got spooked. Kind of ironic considering he was known as a good rider and had served in the Confederate cavalry. He is buried in Sweetwater Cemetery, Hardee County, Florida.

His wife Nancy filed and was granted a Confederate widow’s pension in 1903.

Thanks to Hans K. Kirsch who provided the information on his 4th great grand uncle, Andrew B. Albritton.

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