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E.J. Dunn served as 1st. Lieutenant in the 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry, first in Co. B and later Co. C until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. D, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

Lt. Dunn's records show that he was present through October '64. Other information shows him still in Co. D in January of 1865.

In July '64, he requisitioned for fuel and reported no Captain in Co. D, there were 2 Lieutenants (subalterns), and had 26 NCOs and Privates. Also in July, he requisitioned for forage and grain for the 15 horses he had. In August, requisitioned again for forage and grain, now 11 horses. In October, the same except now only 6 horses.

Lt. Dunn's concern was not just for the horses but also for the men and the needs of the camp. In the 3rd quarter of 1864 he requested pants, shoes, caps, jackets, shirts and drawers. Again, in the 4th quarter Lt. Dunn did the same.

Lt. E.J. Dunn retired January 10, 1865.

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