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George Washington Reeves, born in 1844 in Burke County, enlisted September 13, 1862 in Savannah with Capt. Banks. Pvt. Reeves was with the 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry, Co. B until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. E, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

Records show that Reeves was present at roll calls through October, '64. He was captured near Petersburg, Va. on October 27th, arrived at City Point, Va. October 31st then was moved to Point Lookout, Md.

Pvt. Reeves' father donated 80 acres in 1860 for a church and cemetery at Habersham. While Pvt. Reeves were in the hands of the Yanks, Sherman's gang entered Burke County burning nearly everything in site. The church was next but upon seeing a Masonic cornerstone, the Union soldiers decided to forego the burning. There were skirmishes also in the immediate area, but the church was never burned.

Pvt. G.W. Reeves was released June 17, 1865. Upon departure he went home to Burke County. He was described as: residence being, Burke County; complexion, fair; hair, brown; eyes, blue; height, 5 feet 10 1/2 inches.

In 1867, Pvt. G.W. Reeves married Caroline Prescott, also of Burke County and they had seven children.

Pvt. Reeves died August 8, 1914 in Augusta, and was buried the next day at Habersham Cemetery in a meticulously well-kept grave, decorated with a Confederate Flag, in the first row of the cemetery at Habersham Methodist Church. The church itself is a rather small church located on Habersham Church Road near the town of Munnerlyn.

In his front-page obituary, the Augusta Chronicle described him as a "well-known resident of Munnerlyn."

(The part of Burke County that was referred to is now a part of Jenkins County.)

Information and photos provided by J. Phillip Draughon, G. G. Grandson of Pvt. George Washington Reeves.

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