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Francis S. Blake enlisted May 13, 1862 with Capt. Banks in the 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry. He began in Company B and later transferred to Co. E The 21st was part of the consolidation in creating the 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry. Company E of the 21st became Company F of the 7th.

Pvt. Blake in Virginia continued to be present on roll call regularly until he got sick in August. After this he was in and out of hospitals. First admitted in Jackson Hospital with diarrhea and febris and was furloughed for 30 days with his destination was Liberty County, Ga. Again on the September and October roll, he was listed as absent sick. Another didn't have the date clearly but he was in a hospital in Richmond. In December he again was admitted in Jackson Hospital.

He returned to duty January 10, 1865.

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