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Richard G. Carlton served with the 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry, Co. B and later in Co. E. When the 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry was organized, he was assigned to Company F of the 7th.

Pvt. Carlton, returning home after the war, found they had lost everything during the Sherman criminal burnings. He and his wife Cynthia moved to Brazil shortly after the war when they found that the emperor of Brazil was offering free land for establishing agriculture. After moving to Brazil, Richard and Cynthia had a daughter, Betty, who married Eugene Virgil Seawright, son of Ebenezer W. Seawright, a manufacturer of farm equipment.

The smart emperor knew that the South had a great agricultural system and Brazilian agriculture was totally obsolete at this time. In return for the land that was provided to these Southerners, he asked that they help the Brazilians improve their agricultural practices.

Information provided by Hilton Seawright, gg-grandson of Richard Carlton.

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