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Oswell E. Carmichel, a 3-term Georgia Military Institute student, enlisted August 3, 1863 in Company E, 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry at Greesnboro by Capt. Jones. He served in the 21st until February 13, 1864 when, through consolidation of units, he was assigned to Company F of the 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

When the 7th was preparing to move to Northern Virginia in late april, Pvt. Carmichel aquired a seven day leave in order to visit his family before departing. On June 11, 1864 he was wounded during the Battle of Trevilian Station. He was first sent to Gordansville Hospital, Va. and then to Gnl. Hospital # 9 at Richmond. On the October roll he was granted a 30 day furlough.

No further records.

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