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Randal F. Jones served in 21st Battalion, Ga Cav, as Capt. of Company B and later, Co. E. until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. F, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

In preparation for moving to Northern Virginia:
On April 1, 1864 Capt. Jones requisitioned for fuel that showed 36 total men in Co. F. -- on the 11th there were 48 men. On April 1st there were 51 horses, mid April 55 horses and May 1st 56 horses. On April 13th, Capt. Jones requisitioned 2 wall tents from Qtr Master Store, Maj. H. Hirsch, QM Savannah. Another example from ordnance; 6 cavalry sabres, 6 sabre belts, 10 haversacks, 10 saddles, 10 saddle bags and 6 pair spurs.

Capt. Jones was in Hospital #4 at Richmond on June 22nd for diarrhoea. While in the hospital, June 17th, he was also diagnosed with chronic cystitis. He was released July 1, '64 and furloughed for 30 days.

Capt. Randal F. Jones died July 27, 1864.

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