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Henry Strickland enlisted as a private on September 22, 1862 at Fort Camp in Capt. Hopkin's Company (Mercer Partisans). He was listed as present on the September through December rolls. On December 23, 1862 he received his pay for enlistment bounty. Late in December, the company became Co. A of the 24th Battalion (Anderson's Battalion). After this the records showed that Henry enlisted at Waynesville.

On February roll, Pvt. Strickland was listed as absent on special service. On the May/June '63 roll he was present and received pay for February. On the July/August roll he received pay for June. On the September/October roll he was present and received pay for August. In addition, he was promoted to 3rd Corporal on October 28th. On the November/December roll he was present and was paid for October.

Cpl. Strickland was in Co. A, 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. G, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry on February 13, 1864. On February 27th he was promoted to 2nd Corporal.

Cpl. Strickland was captured June 11, 1864 near Trevillian Station, Va. He was sent to Fortress Monroe June 20th and transferred July 25, 1864 to Elmira Prison, N.Y. He was released from Elmira, June 16, 1865.

His description upon release: residence, Tebeauville, Ga.; complexion, fair; hair, auburn; eyes, blue and height, 5 feet 7 inches.

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