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Brittain Cobb enlisted April 3,1862 in Bryan County with Capt. J.L. McAllister. 3rd Lt. Cobb was with the Hardwick Mounted Rifles, Co. B until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. H, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

Lt. Cobb retained his rank when transferred to the 7th. Records show that he was present on all roll calls until June 24, 1864 when he was wounded at Nance Shop, Va.

On June 26th he entered Jackson Hospital at Richmond with his injury discribed as vsr right foot by a min ball. He was transferred to Camp Winder on June 28th and returned to duty July 9th. On July 18th he applied for a furlough at Camp Winder.

Lt. Brittain Cobb died August 17, 1864 from his injury on June 24th.

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