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Owen Gibson of Bulloch County, Ga., a 43 year old farmer and father of 7 with another on the way was conscripted into the Hardwick Mounted Rifles, Company B, in August 1863. He provided his own mount, as many did, and was paid for "use and risk of horse".

Pvt. Gibson was transferred to 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry, Company H, February 13, 1864 through consolidation of units. He served with the 7th and fought in the Battle of Trevillian Station where he was wounded.

After being wounded on June 11, 1864, Owen Gibson remained on "wounded furlough" throughout the rest of the war.

Despite his wounds, he had to move his family farther south in Georgia late that fall, presumably as refugees in advance of Gen. Sherman's visit to his area.

Owen Gibson lived it Brooks County, Ga. until his death Nov. 28, 1906.

Owen's grandfather, John Lemuel Gibson stowed away and made passage to America in 1774 and fought in the revolution.
His father, John White Gibson fought in the War of 1812 and moved to Georgia from North Carolina.

Information contributed by Mike Hauversburk, G-G-G-Grandson of Owen Gibson.

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