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Richard Harvey enlisted as 2nd Lt, Hardwick Mounted Rifles, April 1862. When the unit was divided in September 1863 into Co. A and Co. B, Hardwick Mtd. Rifles, Lt. Harvey was in Co. B. The 7th Ga Cav was created by consolidation at which time he was transferred to Co. H, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

On June 11, 1864, during the first day's fighting at Trevillian Station, Lt. Harvey was captured. Then as most of the 180 men who were captured, he was sent to Fortress Monroe then to Point Lookout, Md. From there the officers who were captured were transferred to Ft. Delaware. This was on June 23rd.

He became one of the Immortal 600 beginning August 20, 1864 when he was shipped to Charleston, S.C. and was imprisoned in a stockade along with the others until October 21 when they were shipped to Ft. Pulaski for more of the same, nearly unbearable conditions.

In November he was sent to Hilton Head, S.C. and was returned to Ft. Delaware in March 1865. Then on June 17, 1865 Lt. Harvey was released after signing an oath of allegiance and returned to Bryan County, Ga.

Died August 24, 1900 and was burried at Black Creek Cemetery in Bryan County.

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