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Adam Jones Iler - Military records: 1861 - 1865

There were three variations in the spelling of Adam's surname; Iler, Isler and Ihler.

5th Regiment Ga. State Troops - Company G

Ihler, Adam Jones - Enlisted as a private in Co. G, 5th Regiment Ga. State Troops October 15,1861. Mustered out April 1862.

47th Infantry Regiment - Company K

Ihler, Adam Jones, - Enlisted as a private in Co. K, 47th Regiment Ga. Inf. May 6, 1862. Discharged, furnished R. C. Martin as substitute, May 29, 1862.

Hardwick Mounted Rifles

From Muster Roll: Hardwick Mtd. Rifles, May & June 1863 Pvt., Capt. J. L. McAllister's Co., Hardwick Mounted Rifles (unattached). Listed as A. J. Isler, Enlisted Dec. 9, 1862 in Bryan County.

Hardwick Mounted Rifles (Company B)

This company was formed of men transferred from Capt. McAllister's Company, Hardwick Mounted Rifles, which was divided about Sept. 1863 by order of General Beauregard and formed Companies A & B, Hardwick Mounted Rifles.

From Muster Roll: Hardwick Mtd. Rifles, Sept. & Oct., 1863 2Sgt. Co. B, Hardwick Mounted Rifles. Listed as A. J. Iler, Enlisted May 15, 1863 in Bryan County.

7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Company H)

This regiment was formed by the consolidation of the 24th Battalion Georgia Cavalry, four companies of the 21st Battalion Georgia Cavalry and the two companies of the Hardwick Mounted Rifles by S. O. No. 37, A. & I. G. O., dated Feb. 13, 1864.

From Muster Roll: 7 Cav. Ga., Mar. & Apr. 1864 2 Sgt., Co. H, 7 Reg't Georgia Cavalry. Listed as A. J. Iler, Enlisted May 15, 1863 in Bryan County.

The May - June, 1864 Muster Roll shows Adam as Absent and captured by the enemy near Trevilian Station, Va. June 11, 1864.

Prisoner of War:

Appears on a roll of Prisoners of War at Point Lookout, Md.
2Sgt. A. J. Iler captured at Louisa Court House on June 11, 1864.
Arrived at Fortress Monroe on June 20, 1864.
Transferred to Elmira, NY on July 25, 1864

Appears on a roll of Prisoners of War at Elmira, NY
Arrived at Elmira Prison on July 28, 1864
Transferred for exchange Oct. 11, 1864.

This exchange either didn't develop or maybe all who were transferred were not exchanged. In the Prisoner of War document of exchange, his company was listed as "K" which is incorrect. Someone could have been exchanged in his place.

A.J. Iler signed an Oath of Allegiance to the U. S. on July 7, 1865 at which time he was released from Elmira Prison.

The above statement concerning Adam's release date is based on the contents of Pension Application records from both Adam on August 31, 1910 and that of Sarah J. Iler on Sept. 14, 1911.

After returning home, Adam married Sarah Jane Donaldson.

He held the office of Bulloch County Tax Receiver for an unknown length of time and served 2 years as State Representative from Bulloch County, GA.

Adam Jones Iler died in 1910 and is buried at Red Hill Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Bulloch County, Ga.

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