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Henry B. Bostwick served in Company I, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry guarding against invasion from the sea along the Georgia and northern Florida coasts. In May of 1864 the 7th was ordered to Virginia and was placed in Young's Brigade. After reaching Virginia in early June, they were actively engaged with the enemy almost daily.

In December, most of the horses were dead or in a useless state from starvation. The 7th was now in Gary's Brigade, mostly "un-mounted". Two hundred men, under the command of Col. E.C. Anderson, Jr., went to Savannah to acquire new mounts but upon arrival were assigned to another unit, still dismounted, defending against Sherman's army.

In March, the 7th regrouped in Aiken, S.C. after remounting themselves. They headed to join the Army in North Carolina but before arriving, Gnl. Johnson had surrendered and the army was disbanded.

On the way back home, which was temporarily in Hancock County Georgia, Henry and his step-brother, James Brumby, took two abandoned mules with them and swapped them for two hundred bushels of corn which was all the family had to start their life over. As soon as they felt safe in doing so, the family moved back home to Marietta.

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