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Morris M. Demere enlisted April 3, 1863 (62) in Bryan County with Capt. J.L. McAllister. Pvt. Demere had records of where he received pay covering nearly a year. The rate was listed as 25 cents per day. He served in the Hardwick Mounted Rifles, Co. A until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. K, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

On the March/April, 1864 roll call, Pvt. Demere had a leave. On the next roll call, May/August he was admitted to Charlottesville Hospital, Va. on June 13th.

Pvt. Morris M. Demere died at the hospital August 18, 1864. His brother, Lt. R.M. Demere was his Legal Representative.

The following is a letter from Lt. Demere:

Camp 7th Ga Cav
August 27th 1864
To the Surgeon in charge General Hospital
Charlottesville, Va.

Dear Sir
I have just received a letter from Pvt. S.--?-- Millett at Charlottesville, Va. stating that my brother M.M. Demere Co. K, 7th Ga Cav. had died in the hospital at said place. Will you be kind enough to send his boy Dick with all of his things and his horse to me immediately. I am told that the boy is still at the hospital waiting to hear from me so that he can bring the horse and other things to me. I am informed that the horse in possession of a Dr. Gordon near Charlottesville and attending to the above request. Sir you will much ablige.
R.M. Demere

P.S. Will you please write me as soon as you receive this and give me particulars connected with my brother's death. I enclose an order for the horse. Tell Dick to cross the river (James) at Mishers Ferry twenty miles above Richmond and come to Petersburg and there inquire for Young's Brigade Cav. Hampton's old Division and I think he will find us near Ream's Sta. on Weldon R.R. Col. Randolph has some funds of my brother's. You will please obtain whatever it may be and put it into the hands of Dick to bring to me.
R.M. Demere

Give the boy a ticket to pass him with the horse if you please and order him to ride slowly and take good care of the horse on the way.

The Qtr. Master Sgt. sent the following information:
The hospital bill, $30.00
He (M.M. Demere) also prepared a last will and disposition stating how his effects to be handled. This was handled by his brother, Lt. R.M. Demere acting as his Legal Representation.

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