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Nathaniel Elarbee enlisted with the Hardwick Mounted Rifles April 3, 1862 in Bryan County under Capt. J.L. McAllister. He served in Company A of the H.M.R. until February 1864 when the 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry was established through the consolidation of the Hardwick Mounted Rifles, 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry and the 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry. At this time Pvt. Elarbee was assigned to Company K of the 7th.

He was listed as being present at all roll calls until June 11, 1864 when he was captured at the Battle of Trevillian Station near Louisa Courthouse, Va. Elarbee was first sent to Fortress Monroe, Va. on June 20th and then transferred to Elmira Prison, NY on July 25, 1864.

On October 30, 1864 Nathaniel Elarbee died, diagnosed with chronic Diarrhoea. He was buried at Elmira in grave # 778.

Nathaniel's brother, Lt. Elijah A. Elarbee also served with the Hardwick Mounted Riflemen. In late 1863 Elijah was elected as Justice of the Inferior Court in Bryan County therefore didn't go on to the 7th Georgia Cavalry as did Nathaniel.

Information provided by Charles Somers Miller, History Professor, U of South Carolina Beaufort

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