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N.W. Shearouse enlisted April 1, 1862 in Bryan County with Capt. J.L. McAllister. Pvt. Shearouse was in the Hardwick Mounted Rifles, Co. A until February 13, 1864 when the 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry was organized through consolidation, Co. A of the HMR was then Co. K of the 7th.

Records show where Pvt. Shearouse was absent without leave in April '64. Again listed as absent without leave in September when he was in General Hospital #13 at Richmond with scabies, febris, inf. quot. (skin disease caused by itch mite, fever intermittent, severe recurring cold or hot sweating fits). He was released and sent to Castle Thunder prison on September 29th. He was in the hospital again December 17th with the same problems. On January 26, 1865 he was still in arrest but in Prison Ward #9. On February 10th he was sent to General Hospital #3.

No further records.

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